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By Sebastian Orellana

Updated Feb 17, 2024

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Only some companies are as dedicated and acquainted with EVs when converting your vehicle as EVSwap Conversions. With all the regulations and expensive upkeep of gas cars, converting a car to electric is becoming increasingly popular, yet people need to learn more about EV Conversion kits.

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    The Man Behind EVSwap Conversions

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    Jimmy Underhill, the CEO of EVSwap Conversion, has dedicated the last few years to turning his company into the go-to for EV conversions in all vehicles, starting with converting one of the first EV Land cruisers. From converting your car to meet your every need and budget, Underhill and EV Swap Conversions take pride in their approach and experience, being fellow car guys passionate about working on them.

    They are so confident in their abilities that they took one of their first converted Land Cruisers to the desert to put it to the test. Underhill made the trek and watched as his first converted vehicle made it through the sands and successfully navigated through the rough terrains.

    Humble Beginnings

    Jimmy Underhill started as a car racer and learned the importance of maintaining your car and how every single component played a role in the upkeep of your vehicle. He still holds that mindset today. After spending ten years as a drone operator, he learned about electric motors and lithium batteries, and he took his talents and became a certified EV technician with over 15 years of experience.

    It's a passion for Underhill, simply “working on cars” as a day-to-day job and having big goals as a titan in the industry. “I understand what makes a car fun to drive and what is needed to make it safe,” Underhill says, taking pride in his knowledge and passion and resonating confidence in his ability.

    Company Values

    “Good communication, quality work, and attaining my customers’ goals within their budget” are the company values. Everyone working for EVSwap conversions lives by these daily, and they have hundreds of satisfied customers.

    Their only passion is to help their customers, lower emission costs and the headache of maintaining a gas-powered car, and bring attention to the benefits of EV Conversion kits. 

    When asked if he saw himself doing this in the long run, Underhill says, “Yes, I love the process and creating a new electric vehicle, and I plan to grow my company so that we convert ten cars a year or more.” It's a huge goal, but he’s well on his way to growing and getting the company there.

    Find EVSwap Conversion For Your Conversion Needs

    So, if you need an EV car conversion for your vehicle, regardless of the make, model, year, or budget, EVSwap Conversions can help.
    If you have questions or want to check out EVSwap Conversions and their work, visit their website.