How Much HP Does A ProCharger Add?

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Updated Feb 18, 2024

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ProChargers add that much-needed power to your car, truck, or SUV, which in turn makes it go extremely fast. Now, if this is exactly the upgrade you’re looking for, then read on to learn what exactly is a ProCharger, why you would want to invest in one, and how much HP does a ProCharger add. We’ll also compare it to other types of superchargers to help you pick the right one for you.

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    Important Note About Horsepower

    Before upgrading to a centrifugal supercharger also known here as the ProCharger, there are a few things you need to check first:

    • Warranty: Does your car warranty allow for these modifications?
    • Restrictions: Does your local government have any rules or regulations on upgrades regarding your car’s speed?
    • Emission: Will these improvements affect your vehicle emission in a negative way?

    What Is A ProCharger?

    ProCharger is a U.S.-based car parts brand known for manufacturing and selling an array of supercharging systems to increase your vehicle’s horsepower. Specifically, it is a centrifugal supercharger that works better than regular supercharges as it provides a steady and dependable stream of air to your engine. The more air that goes into the car’s engine, the more fuel it will burn – this keeps the car moving at a greater speed than it normally does. 

    Like a normal supercharger, a ProCharger is belt-driven but evolves into a turbocharger when in the engine bay, thus reducing the transfer of heat and the quantity of piping. It does all this while also improving the cooling of air in the system. You can find most ProChargers situated in the engine’s front part. 

    ProChargers vs Superchargers: Which Is A Better Investment?

    Car experts have varying views on when it comes to which is better, and rightfully so, as each has its own advantages depending on how it is used. After all, both will add horsepower to your car’s engine and ensure that it delivers maximum performance. 

    The main difference lies in how the power is supplied to the engine. ProChargers are, in essence, centrifugal superchargers. It gives your engine a steady and even power that builds up over time. It is not abrupt and offers a smoother experience. In contrast, superchargers come with zero lag which means there is instant power upon pressing the pedal of your car. 

    Below are some pros and cons worth noting when it comes to choosing between ProChargers and superchargers. Make sure to have an informed decision before choosing what to purchase for your car.

    What To Consider About ProChargers

    ProChargers are branded centrifugal superchargers that ensure a steady supply of power to boost your engine. Compared to the normal supercharger, it is considered more efficient by most mechanics and car experts. ProChargers are also more compact in size so it’s less obstructive for your set-up. Overall, it gives your engine an increased amount of power at a higher rpm. 


    • Provides a pure and stable power supply at a continuous rate
    • More lightweight
    • Can be effortlessly attached right in front of your car’s engine (as opposed to putting it on top)


    • Sometimes makes a whining noise when the engine is revved
    • Significantly more expensive compared to the average supercharger

    What To Consider About Superchargers

    There are a variety of superchargers available on the market. Below are detailed descriptions of each type:

    • Root supercharger: Root superchargers are usually bulky (as seen on classic muscle cars) and usually positioned on top of the car’s engine, right above the hood. Aside from being quite large, it is also considered to be less practical as it cannot provide a steady supply of air to fully maximize the engine.
    • Twin-screw supercharger: Newer and more efficient, the twin-screw supercharger draws in air and traps in its pockets with the help of gears shaped like worms. Twin-screw superchargers have built-in cone-shaped tapering in their rotor lobes which in turn makes the air more compressed as it moves and squeezes into smaller places within the engine. Unlike roots, not all twin-screw superchargers are placed on top of the engine.

    The twin-screw is a more powerful supercharger than the roots-type, which is why it is also more expensive. Both twin-screw superchargers and root superchargers can be noisy, so some people install a noise suppression system to counteract it. 


    • Provides an instant power boost right when you press the gas pedal
    • Variety of superchargers on the market
    • Affordable


    • Big and heavy
    • Affects the look of the vehicle when installed, especially on the top of the car
    • Inconsistent supply of air

    Benefits Of Getting A ProCharger

    While superchargers, turbochargers, and ProChargers all add more horsepower, a ProCharger is an investment that stands out from the rest. 

    With a ProCharger, the air is modified into high-pressure air which is then guided out of the device and right into the engine – providing a steady supply of force. This continuous pressure removes any delay in transmission and acceleration, therefore giving an uninterrupted, smooth power increase for your car’s engine. 

    Car aficionados make use of the ProCharger to maximize their car’s performance and power level to the highest level possible. With the help of a ProCharger kit, your vehicle can get at least a 40-50% increase in horsepower. 

    How Much HP Does A ProCharger Add
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    Frequently Asked Questions

    If you are convinced that ProChargers are the way to go, below are some helpful information or frequently asked questions when it comes to the costs, the best ProCharger for Silverados, as well as how long ProChargers take to install.

    How Much Does It Cost To Procharge A Car?

    Superchargers are less expensive than ProChargers. You can get a supercharger full set-up in the $2,500-2,700 price range. Meanwhile, A 350 ProCharger kit is in the $5,500-8,000 price range. 

    While price is always a big factor to consider when choosing between ProChargers and superchargers, there are reasons why investing in a ProCharger kit may be more cost-efficient in the long run. 

    With the stress that the supercharger can put on your engine (given the instant power it provides), maintenance can be more frequent and less economical. And although adding any kind of boost to your engine will naturally burn more fuel, the supercharger uses significantly less gas than the ProCharger over time. 

    Does Charging A Car Affect My Gas Consumption?

    As mentioned above, supercharging or procharging will burn more fuel, which increases the consumption of gasoline. This is to be expected for cars with more horsepower than the normal amount. It is also recommended to use premium gasoline with a charged car to maintain the efficiency and performance of your car’s engine – set aside money to cover this increase in gas. 

    What Is The Best ProCharger For 5.3 And 6.2?

    The 5.3 ProCharger kit improves your truck’s horsepower by a whopping 45-50% or around 100-125 for the basic set-up and up to 500 for more advanced set-ups. 

    If you’re looking for a Chevrolet Silverado ProCharger, this brand is the best supercharger for the 5.3 Silverado as well as the 6.2L version. It features a High Output Intercooled ProCharger Kit with a P-1SC-1 supercharger. Every purchase of a ProCharger kit also comes with a one-year warranty. 

    Can I Install A ProCharger On My Own?

    It is always recommended to have the Silverado pro charge kit (or any ProCharger) set up by a professional, as serious issues may arise from an improper installation. With an expert on board, installation should not take more than a day. 


    Adding horsepower to your car will help it reach its full potential, so it is no surprise that car owners often go for this upgrade. And with the various powerful, high-performing tools available, it’s easier than ever before to supercharge or procharge your vehicle. 

    Before doing so, consider all the factors involved in having a charger installed: the costs (purchase, installation, and gas budget), the effect on your car’s warranty, and even how it looks on your car. 

    We hope you get the best ProCharger or supercharger kit that fits your requirement and lifestyle!