What Does SXT Stand For In Dodge?

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Updated Feb 18, 2024

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Dodge has a wide range of trim levels and models for their cars, each with its acronym. But, what does SXT stand for in Dodge cars? If you're unsure what SXT stands for or want to know more about the different trim levels, then this blog post is for you!

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    We'll be explaining the different acronyms and what they mean so you can decide which Dodge model is suitable for you. Stay tuned!

    What Does SXT Mean On Dodge Cars? 

    SXT is an acronym for "Standard Extra" and is the most basic trim level of a car offered by Dodge. It's available on many different models but does not mean all models will have this as an available trim. Check with your dealer if you're curious about a specific model or SXT meaning for that model.

    SXT can also stand for "Scat Pack" and "Super Six Transmission." Scat Pack was a group of engineers who worked at Plymouth in 1969, including Hurst Performance.

    They modified existing cars or created new ones to improve speed and handling. Their work became the aftermarket company Scat Enterprises, from which the name originated when it later became part of Chrysler Corporation in 1971. The SXT and the R/T are examples of Scat Pack trims.

    Meanwhile, SE and SXT are examples of Super Six Transmission. This is a manual transmission with six forward speeds, which was added to the market in 1968. This became standard on most sporty models after 1972 and also featured in some luxury cars.

    What Are The Advantages Of SXT?

    Here are some of the most advantageous qualities of having an SXT.


    The SXT trim level is the most affordable as it's the base model. It doesn't come with fancy features, but it does come with everything you need to drive and own a car.

    This makes it easy for someone to buy their first car or upgrade from a previous model without spending too much money. Also, trim package upgrades are reasonably priced in SXT models.

    Ease Of Use And Maintenance

    Since SXT comes standard with everything you need, it also means that there won't be any extras to take care of later on down the road.

    For example, if you purchase a vehicle with heated seats, then you'll have to make sure they're still heating months or years after having purchased your Dodge. You don't want to pay out of your pocket for something you thought was standard.

    Decreased Risk Of Electrical Issues

    Since SXT doesn't come with any extras, there's no extra wiring or electrical equipment that can be a source of drainage or a fire hazard. There's also no need to worry about where the wire connections are made and if they're faulty.

    The biggest issue with added features is that it becomes difficult to track down the origin of an issue since everything is interconnected. This may lead parts to burn out or explode, which isn't always covered under warranty.

    In addition, this also reduces the chances of having issues in the electrical system, such as lights not turning on when doors open, windows not going up/down correctly, etc.

    Lesser Chance To Be Stolen

    Since SXT models aren't as flashy and come with fewer features, they are less desirable for thieves. Additionally, since they're the most affordable model, the risk of someone trying to steal this is lower than a tricked-out car or one with added security features such as Lojack. 

    Safety Rating

    The SXT comes with all the standard safety features you'd expect. It does not come with any other accessories or fluff, which could potentially put your life at risk, so this means there's less to break or wear down.

    Also, since it doesn't come loaded with other features, their need isn't as high, so everything is tested thoroughly before being placed on the market. This ensures that all the components are safe and effective in their positions without any faults.

    What Does SXT Stand For in Dodge
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    What Vehicles Have SXT?

    These are the most popular dodge models and others that people go for in having an SXT car.

    Dodge Viper SRT

    The 2015 Dodge Viper SRT has a V-10 8.4L engine with 645 hp and 600 lb-ft of torque. Unfortunately, it only seats two people due to the size, but it does have a nice large trunk for storage and decent rear-wheel drive if you're going on a road trip or need extra space for something else.

    The exterior is a bit on the hefty side since it weighs over 3700 lbs, but one neat feature about this car is that both front and rear wheels turn 90 degrees when all four tires are turned.

    Dodge Charger SXT

    Dodge SXT models became popular so easily over the years, and this particular vehicle stood out. The Dodge Charger SXT is a four-door car with a 3.6L Pentastar V-6 engine, which takes about 5 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph, and has an extremely low turning radius of 38.5 feet.

    This SXT model comes equipped with the usual safety features you'd expect from a usual modern-day vehicle such as ABS brakes, traction control, stability/traction control systems, side curtain airbags for both rows of seats, front-seat active head restraints, and a tire pressure monitoring system. Its Street and racing technology capability is also a selling point as well.

    Dodge Charger SE

    The Dodge Charger SE is a bit cheaper since it's the base model and doesn't come with all of the additional features. It only has one engine option: 3.6L Pentastar V-6, which has 292 horsepower and 260 lb-ft of torque.

    One neat safety feature is that both front and rear wheels turn 90 degrees when all four tires are turned. The car will also automatically adjust if you go over 100 mph to ensure your safety at high speeds for this powerful vehicle.

    Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sport

    The Jeep Wrangler Unlimited is built to be tough, so you'll see people use this vehicle for more than just roads since they're capable of taking on harsher if needed. In addition, it comes utterly open with more oversized windows on the side and a solid SXT package, so if you're a fan of fresh air pointing at your face, this is a vehicle for you. It also comes in a large variety of colors, so most people will pick when it comes to customization.

    BMW X5 xDrive50i

    The BMW X5 has been tested thoroughly before being sold on the market, which makes it one of the safest choices in terms of flashy vehicles. The S model features a twin-turbocharged V8 engine that produces 449 hp and 480 lb-ft of torque and an eight-speed automatic transmission for optimal shifting.

    What Does SXT Stand For in Dodge
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    What Are The Disadvantages Of SXT?

    Here are some of the not-so-pleasing qualities of having an SXT.

    Not As Versatile

    Since SXT models aren't tricked out, you won't find any fluff or useless extras inside. Unfortunately, this means that there's less room for customization and upgrading parts which makes it so it's not as flexible in terms of what you can do to improve this car over time. The lack of flashy features such as smart key entry and push-button start also does not help with the flexibility either since these are usually common in most new vehicles today.

    Limited Parts & Accessories

    Since SXT models come in only a few select colors with few parts/accessories within, they're limited when it comes to customizing your vehicle. Depending on your preference, there aren't options for adding aftermarket parts or customizing the interior to make it warmer/colder. Most SXT models also don't come with sunroofs either, so if you're looking for a vehicle with this feature, then you'll have to look elsewhere.

    SXT: The Standard Extra Brand

    If you're looking for a standard extra brand with above-average reliability ratings and decent off-road capabilities, the SXT may be right up your alley. Sure, this model doesn't have a few popular features like GPS or push-button start, but it offers excellent value without sacrificing too much comfortability.

    Plus, if you do find that after some time on the road, things just aren't working out as well as they should be, you'll know Road Cartel has got your back! We've been helping people get back into their cars for several years, and we always aim to provide them with high-quality parts at great prices. In addition, SXT owners in need of auto parts can take advantage of our low-cost shipping rates, so get in touch now!