Why Are Coilovers So Expensive?

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Updated Feb 18, 2024

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Optimizing your car's driveability should always be a priority, and coilover kits play an integral role in improving its handling. A wide range of coilovers is available in the market, so it should be easy for you to pick one that's right for your vehicle or track car.

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    But the choice is made difficult by the price and quality of the coilover kit. The options vary from conventional coilovers to slip-fit, high-performance, and full-boiled coilovers. And the prices also differ because of the material used and function served.

    The following guide will elaborate on what coilovers are, what they are used for, and the factors that add to the cost.

    So, if you want to know why are coilovers so expensive, let's get started!

    What Are Coilovers?

    Coilover, a term used to describe 'coil spring over the shock,' is a coil spring that shields a shock or a strut. Like shock absorbers or aftermarket shocks, coilovers are suspension elements that protect your car from hitting the surface track. However, this suspension system includes pre-assembled shocks and spring rates crafted to fit and operate in sync with one another seamlessly. The coil over covers the strut as it is placed on an adjustable perch. This feature allows the vehicle owners to regulate the height accordingly when the car is out on track day.

    Coilover kits enhance the car's look, handling, and performance processes. Moreover, adding this component to a vehicle allows you to enjoy a firmer ride, as the vehicle can be lowered without touching the pavement. Adding a coilover also prevents body rolls when the vehicle makes the corner entry.

    The traditional suspension system includes a controlling arm, coil spring rates, camber plates, and a shock absorber or a strut. The strut holds the car's weight, enabling the sprint to mount itself on the strut. When the strut, the spring, or both are compressed, the car's wheel shift upward towards its body. This provides a better spring rate.

    The coilover kit works parallel to the suspension system. The component includes an extended coil spring that is wrapped around the strut. When both the shock and spring are compressed, the vehicle's wheels move upwards towards the car's body. In a coilover, the spring holds the weight when the shock and spring are compressed, thus providing an optimized spring rate. On the other hand, the strut is used to pass on the bouncing to the spring.

    The coilovers increase the handling and adjustability of the vehicle. Expensive coilovers have a better spring rate and they enable you to optimize the car's handling without changing other aspects of the suspension system. The best value coilovers also include upgrade kits that offer height adjustability. Therefore, you can raise the height of the vehicle at any time.

    What Are Cheap Coilovers

    Cheap coilovers are crafted with low-quality materials, which can be a limiting factor. Although they are quite low in cost, these coilovers lack adjustability and are more prone to breakage. Essentially, if you invest in a budget coilover, you will only be able to regulate the ride height. On the other hand, expensive coilovers enable you to adjust compression, rebound, ride height, and preload.

    Additionally, budget coilovers also lack durability. Since they are made with low-quality material, they have a low endurance for stress. This makes them more susceptible to leaks, which are more probable after the vehicle travels a few thousand miles. The leaks release the hydraulic fluid inside the coilovers, which seeps from the low-quality seals and bushings. Typically, the low-cost coilovers are only functional for 15-30 thousand miles, contingent on the amount of stress they can handle.

    While expensive coilovers have extended or lifetime warranties, budget coilovers only come with a one-year or no warranty. This makes them a risky investment. That said, the cheaper coilovers are available at a significantly low rate, as the prices start from just $300. On the other hand, the starting cost of expensive coilovers is $1500, up to $3000. However, the resale value of the costly coilovers is higher, depending on the mileage and the condition. At the same time, cheap coilovers do not have much of a resale value.

    Why Are Coilovers So Expensive
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    What Makes Coilovers Expensive

    Several factors determine the high cost of coilovers. Let's look at a few reasons why coilovers are deemed expensive.

    Superior Quality

    The good coilovers are crafted with high-quality materials. The springs rate, top mounts, dampers, and spring adjustability are exclusively designed to fulfill the purpose of your vehicle. For instance, choosing a stiffer spring would be ideal if your car is used for drifting, drag racing, rally, or auto-cross.

    With expensive coilers, you have the option to select from a wide variety of coilers that are specially designed to meet the needs of your vehicle.

    Additionally, the expensive coilers also provide more options in terms of adjustability. For example, you can modify the ride height, compression, rebound, and preload if you choose to go with a more lux option.

    Expensive coilovers also offer an exceptional riding quality that affordable coil overs do not provide. If you choose to go with a more expensive option, you can take advantage of several additional features that the brand offer. This is because the expensive coilovers are built to perform well and surpass the needs of high-performance vehicles. Considering this, you can improve your riding experience with an expensive quality coil over.

    Increased Durability

    A high-quality, expensive coil over is sturdy and lasts longer than the alternatives. These use the finest materials, including superior springs, shocks, and bushings.

    The expensive coilovers are also designed to travel a larger distance before requiring replacement. The quality materials used to craft these coilovers can withstand distance and speed, allowing them to function optimally even after experiencing an increased mileage. Typically, the high-quality coilovers can travel up to more than 150,000 miles.

    In addition to their increased lifespan and mileage, the expensive coilovers can also be sold at a relatively higher price after use. In fact, some of the most expensive coilovers are sold for only 30% less than their manufacturer's suggested retail price, letting you get a percentage of your investment back after use.

    Additionally, if your coil over is manufactured by a renowned brand and is in good condition, you may be able to sell it at a relatively higher rate. Statistically, the more expensive your coilover is, the more resale value it will have because the expensive coilovers denigrate at a lower rate over time.

    More Flexibility In Pricing

    Expensive coil overs provide users with a more flexible price range. You can find a high-quality coilover with optimized adjustability. You can also find a brand that sells these components within your budget. For instance, if you choose to go with KW, you will find a range of coilovers that fall within $1500-$3000.

    The high price of expensive coilovers is justified by the longer lifespan. These components are made with top-notch springs, shocks, and bushings, making them last a lifetime.

    Additionally, as coilovers that have more money come with a lifetime guarantee, you can count on them to last for several thousand kilometers, making them worth the investment.

    Why Are Coilovers So Expensive
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    How Much Do Expensive Coilovers Cost?

    Depending on the brand, quality, and features, expensive coilovers can vary from $1000 to $3000. Among the popular brands supplying coilovers is Bilstein. Bilstein is counted among the best coiler manufacturers, as they create high-quality coilovers for many cars. The cost of a Bilsetien coilover set can go up to $2000.

    KW is another supplier operating in the industry for over twenty-five years. The coilover brand is known for supplying high-quality suspension systems in a rich profusion of designs and sets. KW coilovers are relatively affordable, with the starting point being $1000 and reaching up to $5000. You can count on them for flexible height adjustability, along with numerous other features.

    BC Racing also sells quality coilovers kits priced at $1500, making them relatively affordable. In addition, these coilovers come with adjustable damping, which means you can choose the smoothness of your ride.

    Why Are Coil Overs So Expensive?

    Expensive coil overs are definitely worth the spend because they can help optimize your car's handling and offer a much-improved riding experience. Additionally, these allow you to adjust the ride height, and they are available in multiple settings to accommodate your daily use.

    Moreover, coil overs that cost more money are durable and can be resold at only 30% less than their MRSP. Since they come with a lifetime warranty, they are also less risky. Additionally, if you travel for longer distances, these coilovers are the perfect fit due to their increased mileage.

    Although expensive coilovers kits are pricier than their budget counterparts, the cost is definitely worth the features they provide. Not only will you enjoy a longer and better experience, but you can also cut down on frequent installation costs since these coilovers will cover your needs for a very long time. Additionally, when you feel the need to upgrade, you can always resell it and get a majority of your investment back. This makes coilovers worth spending on.